I'm Gary Meyer, a Product Designer & Photographer based in Raleigh, North Carolina.

I thrive at the intersection of technology and people.



Design Thinking

I firmly believe that people can solve any large problem by breaking it down into the smallest core problems and then using design thinking to generate solutions. I live for the moment when my team puts the pieces together to generate a new solution to a problem.

Product Design

Products are complicated creatures. I live to tame them. Successful businesses rarely survive with just one thing. The product is more than the thing that the customer buys or a users uses. Products have to be instantly understandable, relateable, and familiar, while also being unique and memorable. How does it do that? Product Design.

Ux Design

Products are designed to be used by people, and the best products are created with people as the focus. I just spent two years designing streamlined UX systems for complicated, data-intensive software in an industry that has never before focused on optimal usability. I enjoy tackling the larger problems like these because they force me to go beyond my existing capabilities.


Photography will always be a passion of mine. When I’m stuck on a design problem, sometimes shooting some photos is the perfect thing to clear my head and add a new flame to my creative process. I primarily shoot portraits, lifestyle imagery, and products, however, I love to branch out and shoot things outside of those topics.


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