I own a lot of houseplants, and it seems like every spring my collection grows even more. The problem is that each plant I buy comes with its own unique set of requirements for proper care. When I had a small handful of plants my memory may have been enough to keep track of when to water, fertilize, prune, propagate, and re-pot each. Once I acquired more than three plants, keeping their care schedules straight in my head was almost impossible.

Greenthumb is the app to help keep your green friends healthy and happy.


Greenthumb was initially started as a side project to push my boundaries working with a different set of aesthetics than I had used before, but with a potential for a strong product behind the screens. When my two developer friends and I decided to start working on a side app project together, I pitched this app as an option. Through discussions about possibilities, the goal for the project grew from a simple aesthetic exercise to growing a full blown product.


My Role

I handled all of the product design, user experience, visual design, and branding. I also work on much of the business documentation, from the business plan to recruiting people to work with us. I also work with Connor and John to guide the development towards established goals.


Greenthumb is the first app John, Connor, and I are working on together as a side project, but will not be the last.


Greenthumb is currently under development, with a beta release expected before the end of Q2 2019, and a general access release on both mobile app stores before the end of Q4 2019

More Work

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