Employees working at large warehouses are still relying on manual methods for daily inventory counting.


The client owns a set of large warehouses and assembly lines. Part of their business is keeping overflow quantities of assembly parts in their warehouse so they can quickly be shipped out to another local assembly line. Employees in the warehouse are required to perform daily counts of this set of overflow parts. Currently, this counting has been done manually by hand, the employee writing down the part number, location number and the quantity at that location. This process not only takes a long time, but generates numerous errors, and still has to be manually entered into the inventory system.



Create an Android app that will run on a handheld scanner to streamline the inventory counting process.

My Role

I worked as the sole designer for this project, alongside two developers and a project manager/BA.


I facilitated a remote meeting to hear the client's thoughts on their problem and their plans to resolve it. This lead to my team and I traveling to their location to see the actual bins that get counted every day.

I determined a user flow based on conversations with a manager at the warehouse. Once the basics of the flow were nailed down, I mocked up the flow in Sketch and prototyped in Figma. 


After two rounds of feedback, we settled on a final design for this first round of development. The below prototype is what my dev team built and tested on the scanner devices. The app is now being used in the warehouse every day!

App on a scanner in the warehouse

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